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Relationship Rebalancing

Tools to Repair

Lauren is the creator of Relationship RebalancingTM  a  communication framework that helps you identify repetitively damaging and distancing interactions that can cause distance and despair, and guides you to learn and practice new kinds of conversations that lead to increased compassion, greater connection and repair.

Relationship Rebalancing can help you rethink and change the way you communicate with yourself and others, and support you in breaking out of destructive patterns of interaction and restoring equilibrium.

As you work with Lauren using the Relationship Rebalancing framework, you’ll begin to recognize the patterns of behavior in your own relationships that lead to distance, and work to balance them with kinder, more compassionate conversations that lead to greater connection and repair.

Relationship Rebalancing is offered as part of therapy or as a short term communication course. Contact Lauren for more information about possibilities! 

For Clinicians:

The Relationship Rebalancing Model has grown through years of training, practice, and supervision of the major evidence based models of therapy including The Gottman Method, Emotionally Focused Therapy, and Mindfulness

Relationship Rebalancing is a way of simplifying the interactional patterns we look for as therapists. It offers a clear template that helps identify the issues people bring to therapy and gives clients new tools to break destructive patterns and find new ways to have successful conversations with the important people in their lives.  To learn more about this model please contact me.